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The primary school Brána jazyků s rozšířenou výukou matematiky (Gate of languages with

extended maths lessons) consists of two school buildings. The building in Vojtešská Street

houses the first level (grades 1-4). Grades 5, which still belong to level 1 in this country, and

the second level (grades 6-9) can be found in the second building on Uhelný trh.


The name may sound a bit interesting, but it used to be two schools that were merged in

2013: one with a focus on languages, the other on maths. For this reason, our school really

does have something for everyone.


Those who are interested in maths have seven lessons a week in this subject from Year 3

onwards. From Year 3, they have 5 lessons of English (4 lessons from Year 6) and from Year 7

they have an additional two lessons of English.


Those who prefer languages have the option of choosing German or French from Year 3. In

this case, English is added from Year 5. If, on the other hand, you would like to start with

English in Year 3, you can choose between French or German again from Year 5. For all three

languages, there is the opportunity to communicate with native speakers. In addition,

various trips abroad are organised each year (student exchanges, discovery tours and



Every year, pupils take part in Olympiads, including English, with excellent results. This also

confirms the constant interest in English.

Every school year, the school organizes the sessions and workshops with university students

from English speaking countries. We can also look forward to many new interesting projects.